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We are an interior design studio in Girona born in 2007 in collaboration between:


Josep Mª Bosch i Bosch a professional interior designer with a long and recognized experience of over 40 years and honorary member of the Codic-gi (Association of Interior Designers of Catalonia - Girona).


Mario Ramos Pérez interior designer Professional Associated nº 1151, with more than 20 years of experience in the sector.


Josep Mª Bosch de Puig interior designer Professional Associated. nº 1325, also linked to the team from its beginning, with more than 15 years of experience in the sector.


The generational differences within the team make the projects developed in our design studio acquire a special character, which prioritizes the functionality and comfort of the space, with a very refined design, paying special attention to details, incorporating the most innovative materials and applying the latest technologies.


We develop a variety of features: from business to private fields, large or small format, for any professional activity (retail, office, industrial, etc.), as well as housing and furniture design, stands, displays and landscaping, amongst others.


We create, plan and decorate spaces according to customer needs, with the most recent integrating latest generation elements, or adopting classical or rustic tendencies.


Based on an initial meeting, we conducted preliminary studies that will allow us to share customer preferences in order to define guidelines and work planification.


We customize each project, making an assessment of environment, layout and resources to develop the style required by our customers to achieve their desired final concept.


We carry out the technical direction of the project, coordinating with our multiple industrial partners, monitoring the work and giving professional advice to pursue our customers ideas to the last detail.

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Gran Via de Jaume I, 18   5è 1a     GIRONA     T 972 003 367

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